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Update, 3 June 2008
Well, aren't I just a little shitmonger, eh? I can't believe I forgot about this place again... shit. Well, I'm working on updates again, hopefully that should help. Maybe with some energy drinks and a little focus I can get back on to a regular update schedule with this!
So, why the sudden reappearance? Honestly, it's a kind of stupid story. I've spent the last month kind of lying around decomposing and reading webcomics. I'm going through the archives of Something Positive for the hundredth time(it's an amazing comic and everyone who isn't read it should either begin reading it or kill themselves), when I go "Oh, hey. Webcomics. I have one of those, don't I?". (Yes. Yes I do.) So I half-awakedly stumbled over to the Siteadmin panel ComicGenesis so kindly provides and... Well, stared in shock for about twenty minutes. I got 668 visits last month. Apparently, somebody out there added Deathwish to a webcomic listing and I got a ton of hits from it.
As flattered as I am, and thankful to whoever did this, this is probably one of the weirdest things that has ever happened to me. So, uh, thanks! I'll see what I can do about that whole 'updating' thing.

-------------------------------------- Okay, I'm a little less zombified now. So, as you may have picked up, regular updates are starting up again! Jubilation! All comics will now be 700 pixels wide, sorry 800x600 folks. Really, there's no reason to be using that resolution anymore.If you REALLY need to have such a resolution, just read this on Tokyopop or something.
Joshua reappears! If any of you remember him, he was the original main character of Deathwish. He's be rewritten as more of a side character now, and for some reason he turned out looking about a hundred times more bishonen-ish than I had planned for, even with the missing tooth. Keep away ladies, he's a dick.
Oh, yeah. You should totally check out my new website and stuff: Pi-ratical art

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